Mission Bazaar

Thank you for stopping by. We’d like to extend a laurel and hearty handshake to all and sundry who have made the Mission Bazaar the success that it was (and was it? You tell us…). Special thanks to everyone who contributed in any way, be it content, tech support, good wishes, or money – without you we could never have pulled this off.

Success is often seen as a lucky event, where no amount of skill was necessary or evident. Clearly in our case that is true for the blokes that took the ride with us without ever asking questions. But we know in our hearts that luck had nothing to do with our ultimate success (yes, Brenda we do agree with you, finally). But still we raise a glass in honor of those not here, those still here and grumbling about what to do with all their new found wealth, and those who never arrived but sent us their good karma and wishes. To success, where ever it finds us.

Of course there are always roadblocks and rock slides that occur throughout one’s life. Just recently I was doing a search online to find a lawyer for car accident litigation. Anyone who has contacted a car accident lawyer knows what that means- some one was seriously injured in a car accident. In my case it was my parents. Reputable car accident lawyers do not accept a client who has suffered only minor injuries since they could not justify the legal costs involved. In my parent’s case their injuries were serious, plus the other driver was DUI. Fortunately my parents don’t live in a no-fault state, where injured victims are not even able to sue the other driver unless their accident-related expenses are above a certain amount. My parents were not in any shape to deal with the insurance companies plus mount a case against the other driver. I have to admit this was a large “rock slide” for them. But their lawyer was worth every penny of his 35% take of the settlement he hammered out. And we were all able to eventually move on. Success is often seen as a lucky event, but in this case it was due in a large part to the amount of skill my parents’ car accident lawyer displayed.

This and the other sites involved never expected the level of interest that ultimately came our way. We’ve already said that it was NOT luck, but state of mind that played the biggest role in the attitude and hubris that existed in spite of itself – no negativity allowed! Volunteers tend to be overlooked sometimes, but in our little corner of the web, we know that those folks who gave of themselves, their time, effort, energy and love, are the reason we are here today doing the thank yous.

No matter what comes our way, we’ve now the experience of a lifetime to reflect on and this will certainly lead to more creative energy flowing toward the next iteration of whatever that may be. We realize that sounds vague, but then we have no hard objectives – just as we didn’t when the original site was first launched. We just did our thing and the world rewarded us. Again, it was not luck, but hard working, committed individuals that did the bulk of the heavy lifting for us. Yes we got help and we learned a lot. Showing up in search results is the most important aspect for most businesses, and the enterprise techniques used by seos these days can do wonders for the business. Especially when the competition is fierce as it is in the gaming world. Ranking for “best USA slots” is probably one of the biggest challenges out there. The reason for this is that the rewards are so huge – if you can rank well for any of the casino terms, you can rake in the affiliate money. You don’t make the revenue by running the casino, but by sending traffic to one and having them pay for that traffic or for the losses incurred by the players in that traffic. It’s a huge amount of work to compete online in the search. But it’s really not luck, it’s search optimization at a high enough level to beat out your competitors. One affiliate offers listings so you can find select slots for all US players – at Online-Casino-Party.co. They post the best games and the best promos for US players. And being able to find them is the key.

At the current time, we know of no plans to repeat the process which led to the hosting and production of the Mission Bazaar, but be of good cheer. Should information of that sort manage to flutter our way, we will be certain to stomp on it with our heavy boots and mount it with delicate pins to the display case you see before you.

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