What is Mission Bazaar?

The Mission truly represents the Bay Area’s artistic soul, and it’s our intention to reflect and celebrate this richness. We’ll solicit participation from artisans in the Mission District and beyond to engage the public in this community celebration of the artistic and cultural life of the Bay Area. With this event, the San Francisco’s historic Mission District will come alive as the Bay Area’s preeminent melting pot of – and destination for – multicultural arts and artists.

As with other progressive communities, we tend to lean towards the left and enjoy stretching our sights to encompass new ideas.

Modern sterling silver jewelry is an interest that we’ve had forever. The precious metal is often prized even more than gold in some fashion circles because of its clean crisp color when combined with other clothing or gem stones like cubic zirconia. Cz rings are hugely popular not only because of the price, but also because of its brilliance. There are many stores online where you can browse gorgeous collections of designer cubic zirconia jewelry – everything from necklaces to bracelets to engagement rings. Many silver smiths work exclusively with both sterling silver and cz crystals because the combination is so compelling. Members of our staff have a favorite store where the designs are quite exquisite and the prices are affordable. Don’t write off cz gem stones because they are viewed negatively by ignorant people who consider them fake diamonds.

One of our latest interests is home testing for STD’s. For far too long the only way to get tested for an STD, STI or HIV was to go to your family physician or a clinic. Even if you test negative your information and the test will be recorded and be part of you medical record. Europe, with their more enlightened attitudes towards sex has had over the counter STD testing for a number of years. The US is still behind the curve on this. However, you can order a home test kit for stis by going online. There you will find two different ways of getting results from a home testing kit. The first type of site offers “Private STD testing,” but upon reading the small print you will find that the testing is “private, but not anonymous. You take the test at home in and then mail in the kit. It will go to a lab for analysis. And although they will notify you of the results, your name and other identifying information will be linked to your test results in their data base. Source: www.stdtestexpress.com. The other types of STD home testing kits allows you to take the test at home and then shows the results in about 15 minutes. The accuracy of these test kits is between 95%-99%. If you do get a positive result or if symptoms persist you should see a doctor. The sooner you treat the STD, the better. We will have booth at the Bazaar specifically displaying at home STD testing kits. A doctor will be on hand to answer any questions. If you are interested, we suggest you stop by.

Another one of our latest interests, of those of us who are hitting our 60’s (and beyond) is the new focus on aging, particularly age management medicine. The approach of age management medicine and its practitioners is not only how to deal with age related symptoms that are affecting us older folks, but also to make every effort to modulate the process of aging by certain preventive age management protocols prior to the onset of degenerative aging. This proactive, preventative approach to age management medicine is starting to appeal to even men and women in their 40’s and early 50’s. Anyone who is experiencing a decline in sexual function, the loss of muscle mass, slower recovery from exercise and injuries, a creeping increase in abdominal fat, bone thinning, loss of strength and cardiovascular conditioning, sleep disturbances or the inability to fall asleep easily or even mild depression, along with what seems slower brain function, should consider age management medicine as an option. An outstanding proponent is the Cenegenics age management protocol. Cenegenics is well known within the age management medicine field. Its program stresses healthy aging with an emphasis on a proactive approach to a total body program unlike the typical reactive disease driven approach to aging that the mainstream medical industry embraces. Cenegenics claims that its protocol helps it patients look better, live longer and be more productive. We will have a Cenegenics Age Management booth at the Bazaar, so if you are interested, we suggest you stop by.

Mission Bazaar Dates & Hours
Our inaugural event was Saturday and Sunday May 17th and 18th 2008. Hours are from 10 am to 8 pm both days. This is an indoor event; the Bazaar goes on rain or shine. Admission is only $5 for the public.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with San Francisco and its varied neighborhoods, the Mission District is located in east-central San Francisco. Its eastern border is US Rt 101. Cesar Chavez Street (formerly Army Street) is the southern border. The principal thoroughfare of the Mission District is, of course, Mission Street. It’s ease to get confused, since there is also the “Mission Dolores” neighborhood, and the Crocker-Amazon neighborhoods, sometimes referred to as the “Outer Mission.” The Mission district is well known and influential for its restaurants, so plan on getting something to eat after, before, or while you are checking out the Mission Bazaar.

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