We try to take a lighthearted approach to all things on this website, but please don’t mistake our levity for sarcasm. Behind any silliness is a serious intent and an honest attempt to enlighten while making you smile. The website is now in an archived state, so many of the features have been disabled. Still, the information here is valid and actionable for the most part. There may be some difficulty reaching former staff, but any earnest efforts made to reach out to us will be acknowledged.

If you would like to contact any of us here at MissionBazaar, you may have to exercise your right of first refusal, since life in the fast lane has turned out glorious mission into a festival of mysteries, especially lately since we shut down the site. But since this is an archived version of the original, have no fear. All our contacts below are still with us even if they are not visible to the casual peruser.

Because of circumstances beyond our control, most of our contactable personnel are working remotely, which means they may have to get back to you. Some are working so remotely that they may appear to be on faraway islands (remote islands for sure) but that doesn’t mean you can’t find them. If your attempts to email us fail on the first attempt, kindly try again. And then try once again. In other words, persistence may be the best effort on your part. We’ve been at sea for some time with respect to some serious objectives that have been left over from when the site was live. But because we are forward thinking, we’ve hired several professionals that may be able to handle your issues.

If you live in Louisiana, especially if you reside in New Orleans, your contact will be available from the port entrance – that’s the building on the dock. The harbormaster is also our maritime attorney, who will address any injuries you may have incurred while working either dockside, or on one of the vessels plying the waterway, or one of the many rigs in the Gulf, offshore. They are highly compensated, and are instructed to handle each case with courtesy and kindness, since injured parties tend to need more attention than those uninjured. If your injury is severe enough to require hospitalization, they will file a case seeking compensation for those injuries that includes the cost of both the immediate medical care as well as any lasting therapy required to get you back on your feet and working. Our goal here is to keep you as both a client and future prospect, as well as ensure that you will recommend us to others – either work mates, or friends, or family members who share your occupation. Check back later to see a larger list as our staff is growing to meet the needs of the marketplace, however large or small that might be.

Producers & Vendor/Performer Coordination:

Brad Nye – brad (at)

Justin Katz – justin (at)

Marketing/Public Relations:

Jamye Mannick – jamye (at)

Phone (info only): (415) 435-7527

Fax: (510) 903-9685



Attn: Mission Bazaar

1674 Cypress Avenue

Richmond, CA 94805

Thanks to Phil Severenson from Charles H Greenthal Management for helping us organize the real estate portion of our outreach.

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